Dafna Vitale Ben-Bassat

 Mother of three boys, married, working as a Strategy Consultant, Marketing and Business Development. 

Assistance in organizational processes, executive guidance growth and the creation of income-generating processes.

Holds a BA in Political Science and Economics from Tel Aviv University and Master’s degree in the field of drama and story therapy from Lesley College.

Home Workshops graduate of Eshkol Nevo and Orit Gidali where she also began the creation of her first novel: Vitoria.

Dafna lives in Tel Aviv, likes to travel, and believes in family values.

  • Strategy, marketing and business development consultant.
  • With extensive experience in coaching managers and senior employees to maximize their leadership capabilities
  • Design And Implementation of stratigic organizational change
  • Creator of the ‘Values Based Marketing’  workshop a process that captures the organization’s vision and goals
  • Collaborations and connections between business entities
  • Has a bachelor’s degree in political science and economics | Tel Aviv University
  • Master’s studies at Leslie College in Drama and Story Therapy
  • Graduate of Eshkol Nevo and Orit Gidli’s workshops, Which is where the creative process of writing Vittoria’s book began.
  • Qualified therapist of  metapsychology

Experience: Shalmor Avnon Amichai/ Hope Parents Channel/ Herzliya Studios/ Shachel Rufat Hafeet/ Teva/ Camp Kimma/ Elite Cafe/ Dr. Seder/ Caspi Seror & Co./ Chaims Israel/ Beit Izzi Shapira/ Center for Assistance to Rape Victims/ Loharia Center

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